Saturday, August 30, 2014

Another Top-Heavy Mushroom Makes a Stand in our Yard

A New Sign Along the Pheasant Branch Creek Corridor Trail

Beautifully Landscaped Front Yard Just Ahead

Checking the Number on Middleton's Family Video Sign

Family Video:  About Us.  We are the largest movie and video game rental chain in the United States.  We operate more than 775 Family Video stores in 19 U.S. States and Canada; we're opening more all the time.

Not a rental time of day.

"....about 780 locations in the U.S. and Canada" reports the Chicago SunTimes.  (If you saw Family Video's profits, you'd open a store too.)

Supercenter Meijer Plans to Expand into Southeastern Wisconsin

Meijer adds Greenfield, Janesville to Wisconsin store sites.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/7/2014)

Big expansion plans.  The privately held chain is in the process of a major move into Wisconsin. The company previously announced plans to build its first supercenters in this state, including stores in Grafton, Sussex, Wauwatosa, Waukesha, Kenosha and Oak Creek. 

The company, based in Grand Rapids, Mich., also has purchased a distribution center in Pleasant Prairie from SuperValu Inc. The center is being expanded to accommodate Meijer's entry into Wisconsin and other states in the retailer's western division. 

Happiness is a maxed-out campaign contribution.  (4 of them, in this case.)

Like their support of Scott Walker, Meijer's emphasis on the supercenter model of retailing might be misplaced.

Wal-Mart's Supercenters Are Becoming A Major Problem
.  (Business Insider, 8/14/2014)

Changing consumer habits
.  Wal-Mart's supercenters are struggling as consumers increasingly choose convenience stores over one-stop shops. 

Wal-Mart's supercenters are struggling as consumers increasingly choose convenience stores over one-stop shops. (CNBC, 1/31/2014)

Even behemoths get the blues.  The big-box discounter is in need of a bricks-and-mortar makeover, analysts said. To resonate with today's shopper, Wal-Mart needs to move its stores closer to major population centers, shrink the square footage of its superstores and shutter about 100 underperforming U.S. locations, they suggest.

Perhaps Meijer sees the writing on the wall?   Construction on Sussex Meijer halted.  (Sussex Sun, 8/11/2014).  2015 spring completion date pushed back a year.  Still, the article notes the store "could be opened".