Friday, January 30, 2015

The Federal Poverty Level: Who Makes This Stuff Up?

What's highlighted in the above table is very close to what appears in box 1 of my older son's W-2 form.

"Hey, did you know that if you were married and had 4 kids, you'd still be above the federal poverty level?" I informed him.

He laughed, uproariously.

And then had a few choice words, boisterously delivered, to add.

My younger son, just returned from a run, was equally amused.

Reading and Marking an Article on Dartmouth's Ban of Hard Liquor

Dartmouth Cites Student Misconduct in Its Ban on Hard Liquor.  (The New York Times, 1/29/2015)
< College officials cited the prevalence of “pregaming,” getting drunk before a party, and conceded that cracking down on such private drinking would be harder than policing parties. >

No, former employer (March 1976-August 1978),  it's "pregaming" for which I'm searching.

My guess is that most Dartmouth applicants are quite aware of the school's reputation for drinking alcohol to an exuberantly excessive level.  And that they were so aware even in 2007, when this video was made.

In words, the behavior shown here can hardly be called a prank.

Scott Walker is the favorite candidate of 2.9% of likely Republican caucus voters in Loras College poll

Loras College Statewide (Iowa) Survey, January 21-26, 2015

Responses:  70% landlines, 30% cell phones.

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Adding up 1st and 2nd choices, we find that Scott Walker is tied with "Don't Know" in latest Fox News poll

Fox News poll.  (Interviews conducted January 25-27, 2015.)

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Recalling the Blockbuster Novel 'The Thorn Birds'

Source:  Wikipedia

Colleen McCullough, Author of 'The Thorn Birds', Dies at 77.  (The New York Times, 1/29/2015)

The book made quite an impact after it was published in April 1977. 
  • Sold 30,000,000 copies worldwide
  • Translated into more than 20 languages
  • Has never gone out of print
  • Spent 54 weeks on the New York Times fiction best sellers lists
  • Paperback rights sold for a then-record $1,900,000 (a sum equal to nearly $5.5 million in 2014) 
  • Made into a popular, 8-hour mini-series in 1983

Pressed for time?

A keeper. 
 Source:  LINKcat