Sunday, July 27, 2014

Duey Stroebel Bashes his Fellow Republican Opponents While Wearing a Hardhat

"Career politicians Joe Leibham and Glenn Grothman have been at it for 40 years...."

Expecting some fallout, Duey?

Actually, here's something Duey and I can agree on.

Two Career Politicians Pledge Limited Service in the U.S. House of Representatives.  (Retiring Guy's Digest, 7/8/2014)

Going to the library described as "old school" behavior

My wife is watching some idiotic movie on the Hallmark Movie Channel.  (Yes, I know; it's an oxymoron.)

Catch this bit of dialogue.

He: "I went to the library this morning."

She: "Hey, old school! I like it!"

Suffering from a Severe Case of Overcompensation, Unemployed Shebgoygan Falls Man Accessorizes at Tonette Walker Event

From a brief Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report, dated 7/26/2014.

Bill Polster of Sheboygan Falls said he brought his AK-47,

a Glock 

and a Ruger LCP pistol 

to Walker's visit to exercise his Second Amendment rights.

Gun fetishism

"It's 'Apocalypse Now'" in the Hamptons

As Susan McGraw Keber describes it in When Snarl Meet Roar (The New York Times, 7/25/2014).

Blade RunnerOn the Fourth of July weekend alone, Blade ran nearly 100 trips in and out of the Hamptons.

Quiet Skies Coalition

The Village Preservation Society of East Hampton

Former Corner Groceries Stores in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

1920 Wright's Manitowoc City Directory listing.  
1301 Columbus Street at intersection of S. 13th St.
Wm J Daeke grocer

1920 Wright's Manitowoc City Directory listing.  
1201 South Thirteenth Street at intersection of Hamilton Street.
Wm E Groelle grocer

Back in the days when grocery shopping was a routinely, oftentimes daily, walkable activity.